Time Raid

Time Raid

Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time you are introduced to Alice, an Artificially Intelligent computer system. Alice grants you the ability to time travel and helps you use this ability to solve puzzles, create a small army, and raid compounds in order to save the world.

Check out our Progress:

We have been working on Time Raid for 7 months. Check out the play through or download one of our pre-alpha builds!

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Fueled by caffeine, ramen noodles, and Rocket League  

I came up with the idea for Time Raid about two years ago, It took Matt and I about a month to wrap our heads around “all” of the concept of time travel. Seriously, It’s confusing play the Demo.

Recently, I graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in computer engineering. Although, I primarily focused on software. I have extensive experience working on virtual and augmented reality projects with the Hololens and Rift as well as systems with real-time constraints. That’s a confusing way to say I can make computers do math really fast. I hope to apply what I know and build an awesome game that can simulate 100s of iterations of time travel simultaneously.

Email: Jarid@quantumbitstudios.com

Jarid Ingebrand

Developer, Project Manager

Likes red pandas, potatoes, and PUBG (Why?!!? – Jarid)

Born and raised in Iowa, I attended Iowa State University for three years as a computer engineering candidate. After deciding that becoming a computer engineer was not for me, I began to pursue game development with my roommate with the goal of providing a game that was fun to play and not full of the day 1 DLC, microtransaction, and pay to win playstyle so common in today’s video game world. New to the video game world, my primary focus began with creating an interesting story that will keep the player entertained and creating maps that go well with the story. Going forward I plan on expanding my knowledge in game development and storytelling to make a positive impact on the gaming community.

Matt LaMarche

Developer, Level Designer

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