Download The Demo

Download and Play the Free Time Raid Demo! The Demo is an early alpha nightly build, there are some bugs!
Click To Download:

Time Raid Alpha 1.7 (US EAST)

Time Raid Alpha 1.7 (UK)


Known Bugs:

  • Some players using slow hard disk drives have reported the loading screen getting stuck while loading the hub rooms. Please return to the Main Menu and click “Load Level” to load the Practice Raid manually. We will have a patched version by tomorrow.


After a mysterious, involuntary surgery you wake up and are introduced to an enigmatic Artificial Intelligence named Alice. Alice grants you the ability to time travel and trains you to solve puzzles, create a small army, and raid military compounds. After some strange occurrences you begin to wonder, who is Alice and what role do you have in the future she is creating?


Installation Instructions:

  1. Click To Download
  2. Move to the desktop
  3. Right click -> Open With -> Windows Explorer
  4. Drag the TimeRaid folder to the desktop
  5. Open The Time Raid folere and Run TimeRaid.exe
  6. If you get a warning message click “More Info” Run anyway***

***Our app is not yet certified. Windows will claim it does not recognize the program. The app is not harmful, that being said you should always virus scan anything you download from the internet. We hope to be on steam eventually.

Still can’t get it to work? We will post a video shortly.

Minimum System Specs:

  • Intel i5
  • Gtx 750 or equivalent AMD graphics card
  • 4 Gb of ram
  • 6 Gb free hard drive space

This is the minimum we have tested. This game will not run on your integrated graphics laptop, It is an early demo and is not optimized. That being said you can probably run it on older graphics cards if you turn the settings down. Good Luck!

We will post a play-though video shortly!


Found a bug?

Sorry the game is in early alpha. It has lots of bugs 🙂 If you think you have found something truly creative email me at